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What you can get from us?
Cut budget in half to use our machines
2. Save up to two labors on each line
Energy efficient on machines
4. Increase your
productivity day by day
5. Safe working environment    


      Smart Line is awardees of Crystal Achievement Award in the Most Innovative Plant Equipment category by National Glass Association. For more than sixteen years, Smart Line has worked hard with customers to improve and apply new technologies in Window and Door industry. Customers said that they want efficient and inexpensive machines to get job done. We said that you will have right solutions here. Smart Line is continuously developing new automatic machines for customers.

Our story: About eighteen years ago, David Tang, the founder of Smart Line, had come with a robot solution for glass loading to a window manufacture in New York. After he demo the performance of the robot, the owner of the company said: its good for you. We need an inexpensive solution and just get the job done! Three months later, David came back with a new solution. The owner put it directly on glass line and very happy to see its performance. It cost only one of third of the robot, the previous solution.

   We have three new smart machines released to the Window and Door market recently:

1. Robotically Free-Fall Loading

Glass Stacking/unstacking

Glazing Machine for Energy Efficient Windows

    Whenever you are referring to our web site or catalog, it's important to give us a call , let us to know what your interesting and needs.

Automatic FreeFall Machine for Glass Cutting
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AutoStacking Machine- new
Automatic Free-Fall Machine
Automatic Glass Loading
Glass Robot
Patio Door Production Line
High Performance Glazing Machine 
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